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TECHIEWEAR by belluzzi mission is to design wearable technology products which allow people to live happier and healthier lives.
The "Wearable computing" is a kind of "extension" of the body that allows you to run your own training, check it, improve your well-being and interacting with friends.
The system interacts with the environment through sensors fitted inside the dress developing a certain degree of awareness of the user's activity, its physiological and emotional state and the environment around him with a simple and intuitive interface

Wearable computing is a section of internet of Things. Internet of Things is a new sector of technology that make our objects connected between them thanks to integration with micro controllers and wireless connection. In the case of Wearable Computing processing and communication resources are implemented in clothes and more generally wearable objects making them smarter and more communicative. Arduino system has a line of products (LilyPad) dedicated to this sector and among dedicated distributors we can find accessories like conductive cloths/fabrics and threads. So it is possible to make prototypes in various sectors of Wearable computing

Wearable computing products range from proper clothes to promotional gadgets to security systems to communication systems. They are mainly already existing products but in a "dumb"/"not smart" version that assume a new and more important role in their smart version.

The customers of the company are other companies like clothing companies, that usually aren't equipped for computer integration in their products and prefer to turn to qualified partners for the project of data elaboration, product integration and eventually serialization of the devices.

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